Friday, January 30, 2009

Time Spent In Florida

Florida was....interesting
it wasn't too cold, the weather is similar to hawai'i
we drove up to North Carolina and THAT WAS COLD
it was around 20 degrees when we were there and it was impossible for me to get warm
it was horrible
i got kind of sick but i got more sick coming home
when I got home I was totally fine then on the day of school I had to go home because I had the flu
my temp was 104.
so about florida..
it was fun, boring at times, but it was fun
I like north carolina but it was just way too cold, not that i dont like the cold
but maybe I would like to move to north carolina
it's not too hot during the summer and it doesn't snow during winter
I just need warmer clothes
I wasn't quite prepared for 20 degree weather...

well thats all for this blog
thanks for reading =)

Project work...

well I finally finished my project on dental hygienist..
and I should be getting .4 for it. once I get this credit I should be on track with my credits.
that project was such a lag and I lost interest in it. Thats probably why it took me so long to do it, because it was boring. I learned a lot about dental hygienist and it made me not want to become on anymore, seems like a dirty job. I'm glad I did this project because if I didn't I think I would still want to become a dental hygienist.

Now I'm starting a project on the universe. It's called "Things you should know about the universe". I'm really excited about it it's going to be super fun. my final product is going to be a model of what i researched, and also a boring research paper.

After that I want to do a project on photography, I may want to become one in the future.

well that's it for this blog

Friday, December 12, 2008

about me

I dont know what else to write about and this is my first blog so i'm just going to write somethings that people should know about me...

my name: Tori-Lynn

age: 14 turning 15 on june 12

grade: freshmen

hobbies: volleyball, beach, surfing, body surfing

likes: the beach, hanging out with friends, hanging out with family, photography, art and more...

future career: thinking about being a photographer